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CP Reykjavík, Sena Live and Sena have merged under the name Sena. As one company, Sena offers specialized world class events to companies and individuals.

Sena Live bought the majority shares in CP Reykjavik September 2018, and on October 1st the three companies merged into one. The estimated turnover of the merged company in 2019 is around 4.7 billion ISK, with 28 permanent employees and around 110 part-time employees. After the merger, Sena is owned by CEO Jon Didrik Jonsson and key managers.

With the merger, a vast knowledge and experience in event organization will be combined into a vibrant team of experts. Sena can now design events for companies and individuals to the highest standards, both for local and foreign companies and the public. Each project is handled by an expert team using the diverse skills of its individuals to deliver an unparalleled experience.

“This integration allows us to utilize the vast knowledge and experience that each employee possesses to unite into a powerful team with professionalism and passion as guidance, “says CEO Jon Didrik Jonsson.

Sena now hosts two main departments: Events and Entertainment. The Event department includes live shows (such as concerts, stand-ups and Iceland Airwaves), as well as corporate events (such as conferences, incentives and company celebrations). The Entertainment department includes the distribution of films and PlayStation as well as cinema operations. The Managing Director of the Event department is Isleifur B. Thorhallsson, and the Managing Director of the Entertainment department is Konstantin Mikaelsson.

Sena‘s employees are looking forward to be able to offer companies and individuals exceptional services where the combined creative force of these entities are combined. Whether it’s a world class live concert, an unforgettable incentive trip, a high-quality conference, a fun company celebration or the latest blockbuster, our vision remains the same: Your experience is our passion!

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    The best game from many of the biggest game-makers of the world come to Iceland through us. We are the agency for PlayStation in Iceland as well as Electronic Arts, Sony Computer Entertainment, Konami, Actavision, Take 2 Interactive, THQ, Atari, Sega and Vivendi Games. So we don’t get bored. Not ever!


    We love planning and producing evetns. We have welcomed a few of the biggest artists in the world along with brilliant stand-up comedians. But we find the Icelandic artists just as fun and love making their already great sets come to life during a great show. We have also set up theater performances that have gone on to live on for years.


    We’re the local distributor for the film studios 20th Century Fox and Sony Pictures. We also participate in production of Icelandic films and work very closely with almost all of the Icelandic producers on distributing local films to the Icelandic public. Our biggest partners in local films are RVK Studios, Zik Zak Filmworks, The Icelandicc Film Company, True North and many more.


    Our cinemas operate in three different places.


    In Kópavogur you‘ll find the most popular and the most technically advanced cinema in Iceland, providing guests with the best of the best in terms of visuals and sound. All rooms have Barco Lasers and Dolby 7.2 and the new Smárabíó MAX room uses 4K Barco Laser and Dolby Atmos sound system. The cinema can sit more than 1.000 people at a time in 5 different show rooms. It was the first cinema to invite the Icelandic people to sport screenings using 3D technology. It’s goal is clear: To provide its guests with the best of the best.


    In the town of Akureyri you‘ll find one of the oldest cinemas of the country which is now screening films in two rooms.


    In Reykjavík you‘ll find the lovely home of Icelandic films which has hosted many film festivals over the years. It opened in 1961 and at that time it only had one show room which was instantly filled with the cinema lovers of the capital. In 1989 the house grew bigger and four smaller show rooms were added, with a total of 840 seats. On May 1st 2007 Sena took over Haskólabíó‘s screenings and the house was renovated from top to bottom, making it more accessible and more comfortable for the visitors. Háskólabíó has a big story and an even bigger soul.


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